• Carlo Bonazza

carlo bonazzaI was born in Massa Marittima in 1952. I started taking photos at the age of 17 while attending highschool, and I have never stopped since. Later I studied engineering in Pisa and architecture in Florence which helped me greatly as a photographer, although I never completed the studies. After that, I just spent a few years travelling a lot.

In 1979 I opened my first photographic studio in Grosseto. At first I used to do a little bit of everything: developing and printing of b&w rolls, local events reporting, weddings (over 200!), portraits, fashion, catalogues, postcards, slides for medical conventions and just about anything else that a town photographer could do.

After that my job became about photographing my land, landscapes and architecture, as well as art catalogues and stage photography for theatre and movies. Through the years I have gathered a vaste stock of photographs featuring Tuscany and Maremma, that includes a variety of aereal shots that have been published in magazines and books.

I became a publisher myself in 1989, I have produced photographic books about the land I live in, such as Viaggio in Maremma (1989), Il tempo e le stagioni (1996), In volo sulla Maremma (2002), Sciangai 1999 (2006), as well as calendars and millions of postcards.

I have worked as a photo editor and print service for Anthropology exhibitions of the series "L'invenzione della Maremma" from 1997 to 2001.

In 2004 I have organized an important display with a large part of the photographic collection of Adolfo Denci (1905-1944) that I restored and printed. From the work i did for this event i put together a book entitled Uomini di Maremma.

The important catalogue of the exhibition, "Uomini di maremma", sold out very quickly.

I have taught photography for professional courses and for 10 years I thought a Photography and Communication class at the national school "Istituto Professionale" in Grosseto.

For many years I have been part of the staff the "Archivio delle tradizioni popolari della Maremma" (an institution that studies local anthropology) as a consultant for restoring the pictures and documentation of local photographers, and i've produced and published small books on the subject.

In 2008 i founded the cultural association Fotografia e Territorio, which role is to gather, catalogue and analyze historical photographs about Maremma, and organize events, displays and conferences about the topic.

In 2009 i was the curator of the photography and design of two important acheological exhibitions: Signori di Maremma, for the Museo Archeologico e d’arte della Maremma, Grosseto and Sovrani Etruschi dei due Mari, for the Museo Archeologico Isidoro Falchi di Vetulonia, GR.

In 2010 i partecipated to the Forme di famiglie, forme di rappresentazione fotografica, archivi fotografici familiari at Alma Master Studiorum Università di Bologna with the speech Con il lavoro è sempre domenica. Le fotografie di famiglia in un paese toscano.

My personal exhibitions include:
Case famiglia, Grosseto 1979
Deserto Urbano, Grosseto 1983
Aria di città, Grosseto 1988
Le ultime miniere, Massa Marittima 1993
Tra terra e mare, Massa Marittima 2001
Sciangai 1999, Roselle 2006

  • Gaetano Mendola

gaetano mendolaI was born in Grosseto in 1980, and I became passionated about photography while studying as a graphic designer at the "Istituto professionale di Stato". After graduating in 2002, I began working as an assistant by a photographic studio in Grosseto, where I acquired competences in the fairly new field of digital photography.

In 2003 I worked as a photoreporter for a local magazine, where I improved my skills of photo-retouching and page layout software. In 2004/2005 I worked as a graphic designer in a prepress studio.

Through the years I have specialized in photoretouching, photographic post-production and conversion of digital files of professional cameras. Since 2006 I am a freelance photographer and assistant of Carlo Bonazza, with whom i collaborate both for studio and on location work. In 2007 and 2008 i have worked as a technician and print expert for the important photographic event XIV Toscana Foto Festival.

  • Federica Vivarelli

federica vivarelliI was born in Grosseto in 1984, and i've always been interested in fine arts both as aesthetic expression as well as communications mediums. Through the years i have developped skills in digital graphics, as i'm fascinated by the contribution that technologies have brought to traditional art.

After working for a few years as a graphic designer on commission, i'm now working at Photoedizioni where my occupation is photographic post production, book editing and pagination. I also work as a webmaster and web designer. Since 2006 i've been teaching professional courses about digital graphics and information technology.

I have the qualification of computer operator and the Adobe Certified Expert qualification for the Adobe Photoshop software. I also own other certifications in the field of computer science. I have studied Philosophy for 2 years at the university of Siena, and i'm now studying Communications at the university of Viterbo.

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